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Become a Mentor


Thank you for your interest in Support Our Scholars and changing the life of one of our extraordinary young women. The mentors are the heart of our program and the reason we have been able to achieve so much success.

Effective mentoring requires a complex and defined set of skills, passion to support the growth of another person, and above all, time, energy, and enthusiasm. Entering into a mentoring relationship is not a decision to be taken lightly. Therefore, before you take the plunge, you should think about:

• What benefits you might gain from being a mentor.
• Whether you have the time and energy to mentor a Scholar.
• Whether you can make a four-year long commitment to our organization and your Scholar.


Contact us to get more information on becoming a mentor to one of our incredible Scholars.


In order to mentor our SOS Scholars, you must comply with the following guidelines:

  • AGE

    Mentor must be 21 years or older.


    Mentor must pass a criminal background check and remain in good standing within the community.


    Mentor must maintain healthy and appropriate boundaries with her Scholar and Scholar’s family.


    Mentor must always strive to empower (and not enable) her Scholar through a positive relationshipof encouragement and accountability.


    Mentor must notify the SOS Mentor-Scholar Liaison in case of an emergency and/or any major life event in the life of her Scholar (i.e. academic probation, hospitalization, death in the family, mental health issues, etc.).


    Mentor must attend Mentor Orientation, Boot Camp, and the Dorm Shower.


    Mentor must participate in Mentor Trainings and Mentor Touchpoints to the best of her ability and is responsible for the information and/or materials missed in her absence.


    Mentor must always act as a role model, thus upholding good moral character and act within the guidelines, standards, and mission of SOS.


Our general expectations for our mentors are that they remain in regular contact with their Scholars throughout the year, celebrate their successes, provide emotional support when needed, be on the lookout for barriers to success, and communicate with the SOS office.  To help the mentors provide as much support and guidance to our Scholars as possible, we have monthly mentor check ins.  These check ins provide some sort of educational component for the mentors, as well as an opportunity for the mentors to ask each other questions.

Mentor should have at least one face-to-face meeting (multiple meetings preferred) with her Scholar before the Scholar leaves for college.

Mentor should maintain weekly contact with her Scholar during her freshman year to build a healthy, bonding relationship and to help the Scholar adjust to college life.

Mentor should maintain monthly contact for the duration of her Scholar’s tenure in college. One contact per month is the required minimum. However, you will begin to discover what and how much contact is necessary and comfortable for your Scholar.

Contact with your mentee should be in the form of a phone call,
text, Facetime (or similar app), or in person.


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