Gratitude and Pie: Catching Up With Our Scholars

Cooking has a unique way of bringing people together. Our pie baking was solid proof of that fact.

This holiday season it has been our pleasure to be able to connect with some of the scholars when they were home for Thanksgiving. Seven SOS Scholars met at Susan’s home to learn how to bake pies. Four were engineers, two dreaming of careers in medicine, one speech therapist and a darling little sister dreaming of college her self.

Many of your students have never had the experience of baking with their grandparents or mothers. Some are first generation Americans, thanksgiving cooking has never been their tradition. So this time learning how to make a apple or pumpkin pie gave us the opportunity to help them experience the holiday.

One young woman expressed how going to college had changed everything in her life. Her view of her mother and the sacrifices she has made for her children.
At college she met people from all around the globe. Listening to their journeys made her realize how much they had in common, although they are from different countries.

The one thing I heard over and over what how grateful they are for the gift of education. Thanks to all of you, their dreams are becoming reality.