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Support Our Scholars is a not for profit organization that supports underprivileged young women with extraordinary potential.  Our organization selects young woman at the top of their high school graduating class and mentors them throughout their four years of college and beyond.

In order to better prepare our scholars for college, we partner each scholar with a mentor for her four-year journey. Each mentor helps her scholar by mapping out a four-year plan, providing advice about courses and majors and serving as a confidante as difficulties arise.

We also provide our scholars with everything they need to begin their freshman year of college. We know that underprivileged first generation students need the support of mentors and stipends to accomplish their goal of graduating college.

Through this one-of-a-kind program, these young pioneers have a better chance to fulfill their dream of becoming a college graduate.

Each scholar chosen receives:

✔ $10,000 Stipend
✔ Trained Mentor Selected for Her
✔ Complete Dorm Room Provisions
✔ Support Team of Business Women for contacts and internship
✔ Financial and leadership guidance